5 Ways HR Can Have A Voice During This Election Year

Posted on March 4, 2012 by admin

5 Ways HR Can Have A Voice

The 2012 elections undoubtedly will be decisive in American politics.  With a president seeking re-election, a hotly contested field of Republican contenders for the presidency, the control of Congress up for grabs and a stagnant economy, American voters are ready to head to the polls, and so should HR professionals!

HR issues dominate the policy agenda. Making sure that your voice is heard is imperative to ensuring Congress enacts laws that make sense and help organizations better manage themselves.

So, what can you do? Let SHRM help you with these five simple steps:

Get InformedEducate yourself about the seats that are open and the candidates who are running for them. Know the issues and what they mean for you as an HR professional. Make sure you know what your rights are in your state as a voter and ensure you’re registered to vote.

Get Active – Be part of the process! Start your own “Get Out The Vote” campaign at your worksite.  As an HR professional, educate those in your workplace about the importance of voting. Organize events such as a debate watch party that make the election season interesting and engaging.

Get Involved – Once you know the issues, raise your voice! Write a letter or make a call on an HR issue that is important to you.  Join the SHRM A-Team on the SHRM’s Advocacy site and learn about pending legislation that could impact how you do your job.

Get Motivated – SHRM’s Have A Voice site will help you and your colleagues stay motivated and make the election season fun – from “I Voted” contests to naming the HR issues that motivates you to speak out.  Visit the site often to see what new opportunities are available. And don’t forget your HR Votes 2012 gear – wear it proudly and motivate others to make their voices heard, too!

Get Out To Vote! – The most important element of all. When Nov. 6 rolls around, you’ll be prepared and motivated to head to the polls and cast your vote! Likely, many of your colleagues will as well.

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