The Do’s And Don’ts Of A GOTV Campaign


  • You must provide employees written notice of the NON-PARTISAN nature of the campaign.
  • You must provide registration information to all employees regardless of their individual political beliefs or opinions.
  • DO encourage any and every member of your organization to register to vote. This applies equally to executives, managers and professionals, as well as temps.
  • DO identify your company as the sponsor of your voter-registration campaign. You may use your business logo and stationary.
  • DO pay for print and electronic media such as billboards, radio ads, posters, leaflets/flyers, direct mail that urges employees to register and to vote on Election Day.


  • DO NOT endorse, back, support or oppose any candidate or political party in connection with a voter-registration campaign.
  • DO NOT influence, pressure or manipulate your employees in whom they should vote for.

DO NOT coordinate voter-registration drives with any candidate or political party.