Start Your Own GOTV Campaign

Tips on Starting a Get Out the Vote Campaign in Your Workplace

This is a loose outline describing the organization and implementation for HR professionals who are interested in orchestrating campaigns within their own offices. HR professionals who are interested do not have to do everything listed below but can use it as a reference to organize their own ideas.

Getting Started

It is at your discretion to decide how large or small you want your GOTV campaign to be. The size of the campaign could depend upon the size of your organization, availability of resources or how receptive your organization is to this activity. Clear all activities with senior management before proceeding with the GOTV campaign.

Create a Schedule

Provide a schedule of your states’ voter registration deadlines to distribute to employees. Coordination of your activities can be based upon the election calendar or information can be distributed on an ongoing basis.

Organization Wide Involvement/Implementation

Select highly motivated and respected individuals to assign as Team Leaders within the organization who will generate interest about the GOTV program. These Team Leaders are generally regarded as people managers or those who have the respect of their peers.


Take time to meet with your Team Leaders and let them know their responsibilities. Federal and state election law should be covered as well as do’s and don’ts that must be abided by! After recruiting and selecting leaders, let them know their responsibilities as educators—NOT INFLUENCERS! Also, emphasize the importance of voting and its impact this November.

Mobilization and Spreading the Word

After the selection and training of Team Leaders, talk to employees about voter apathy and how important it is that they get involved in the process as well as help others to get registered to vote.

Lastly, stress the importance of involvement in the community and that the future of your country depends on making your voice count—not your political affiliation!