Is this Actually Charlotte? A Charlottean Point of View

Posted on September 5, 2012 by Have A Voice Team

By: William Leonard, SHRM Sr. Writer
I was born and raised in Charlotte, N.C., but I don’t even recognize my hometown this week. I pride myself in knowing my way around better than most native Charlotteans, but it’s hard to get from point A to point B when there are heavily armed police and Secret Service Agents blocking the streets that I know so well.

It just means giving up your normal well-known routes, improvising and then finding some place to park. I can’t imagine what the people who work and live around uptown Charlotte are dealing with.
HR at the larger employers in downtown made the right call by giving their workers off this week. Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Duke Energy all gave their workers the week off and allowed the most essential workers to telecommute.

And it’s a good thing too, because it is hard to picture what Charlotte traffic would be like if you threw in several thousand commuters with the convention crowd. This just makes me realize the value of flexible work policies. All the office workers in uptown Charlotte are realizing that too. Because, I know they’d be just like me, lost and often confused in a city that I know so well.

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